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Bengals generally slow during free agency; don't expect much on the first day

We're going to try our best to keep up with information about free agency as it pertains to the Bengals, its (about to be former) players and general information that's relevant to Bengals fans. In other words, we'll probably have a running post about T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Fact is, we're not in the running for the most headline worthy free agents, like Albert Haynesworth, who is supposedly already set to join the Washington Redskins. Derrick Ward? Forget about it; Cleveland appears the most likely of the Ohio teams. Matt Birk? All indications are that he's sticking with the Vikings. Geoff Hobson points out that Jeff Saturday might not fit well with the Bengals because of the division we're in. He's 6'2" and 295 pounds and Eric Ghiaciuc is 6'4" and 303 pounds.

Basically, we're hinting that we don't expect the Bengals to sign anyone on the first day. Free agency started last year on February 29. It wasn't until March 3 that the Bengals signed Antwan Odom to the richest free agent contract in team history, supposedly. They signed Darryl Blackstock on March 11, then signed Ben Utecht to an offer sheet on March 14.

In 2007, the Bengals were far less active at the March 2 Free Agency gun, picking up Alex Stepanovich on March 16. In 2006, Free Agency started on March 11. Their first big signing was Dexter Jackson on March 14, then Antonio Chatman on March 21, then Sam Adams on April 4.

We're not suggesting that the Bengals will not be active in the free agent market this year. In fact, Marvin Lewis left the door open that the team could address the offense in free agency. What we are suggesting is that the Bengals won't be active (maybe not at all) when the gun sounds. But if they do cause the proverbial "holy shit" from clean-speaking folk like us, then we'll be here to cover it.