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Sports Blog Nation partners with Yahoo! Sports

In the beginning, when I first started publishing online entries, journals, posts and feature articles about the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003, I hadn't really known what I was getting into when the owner of BengalsZone (let's call him Terry) was kind enough to let some whacked-out, inexperienced, average C-student, mid-20-year old, get a writing gig on his site. In truth, I wasn't a blogger there. That really hadn't formulated until a year or so later. I wrote full-feature pieces, complete with Word Check, however gullible enough to think that Microsoft is the standard for checking grammatical errors using annoying squiggly green lines. After BengalsZone implemented a blog there that we ingeniously called "Bengals Blog", I went to town, accumulating historical data, statistical references, updates on player personnel, all of which I didn't really provide an opinion for; I allowed my opinion to stick with the full-feature articles. However, I did have something called a KBlog. It was inventive, so I thought. Maybe it was a just a baked-out thought I had playing Knights of the Old Republic. I don't remember.

At first, I didn't really know how to write. Some would argue, like my old buddy who happens to be a Steelers fan, that I still don't. I didn't know how to say the things I wanted to say, how to relate it with an understandable flare or how to rationalize it when in the minority. My introduction to the craft was titled "Bengals Battle the Romans". In truth, the headline wasn't even close to the feature, other than two references of Rome's downfall. Three years I worked on my craft. Before the 2006 season, I was recruited to run; a decision that I'm still madly enthusiastic about, as our friend John pointed out last week. My first post was about Carson Palmer's recovery. Then last year, Sports Illustrated recognized CincyJungle, throwing our pieces in their headlines, and incorporating all of our posts in FanNation.

Now, the big news is CincyJungle is partnered with Yahoo! Sports via the amazing work by the big dogs at Sports Blog Nation. What does this mean? Well, go the Bengals page on Yahoo! Sports and you'll see a box in which our stories appear.

This also means we're going to have new guests, many of them. If you're one of them, join us. Talk about the things that you read about everyday. Have an opinion? You can post an article all by yourself using the FanPosts. If you're one of the regulars, encourage and help out the newbies. Or noobs as I was always referenced in Counter-Strike -- the original Half-Life mod... the old days. I'm liberal minded, regarding comments and such, as I welcome originally:

If you have an opinion, say it. But be as courteous as you would if you were talking to the same person in the same room. While we don't mind the large spectrum of colorful words, keep in mind that there those that read this site that might take offense. If you're a troll from another team that actually takes time out of your life to bash another team for the sake of third-grade humor, at least be a good little troll. Keep those things in mind and you won't hear a peep from us. Enjoy the site, the community and the overwhelming post seasons from the Cincinnati Bengals.

Yes, the "overwhelming post seasons from the Cincinnati Bengals reference" was written in 2006. I had big hopes. But I tend to be a kool-aid drinker, an optimistic, or a "douche".

Joining the best sports blog network representing the Cincinnati Bengals. Check.
Creating enough content to get people to talk. Check.
Keep content streaming, so there's always something to talk about. Check.
Be apart of Sports Illustrated's network. Check.
Be apart of Yahoo! Sports. Check.
Hire five new writers to help keep this project growing. Double check!