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UPDATE: Jason Brown visits with Rams, Saturday sticks with Colts

[UPDATE: So much for Jeff Saturday, sticking with the Colts]

[UPDATE 2: Jason Brown visiting St. Louis]

The interesting, if not hopeful, thought is that the Bengals could go into free agency targeting a veteran free agent at center. Matt Birk was a fun thought. Jeff Saturday too. But many of us are also thinking Jason Brown.

Recent reports suggested that Birk and the Vikings were in discussions and it seemed that the Vikings would keep their veteran center. However, the Ravens cut talks with their veteran center, Jason Brown, per PFT, per Sporting News, per an NFL source. It would only seem fitting that the Vikings have expressed interest in Brown, suggesting that Birk will be hitting the free agent market.

What does this all mean for the Bengals? Well, if they look to the free agent market for a veteran center, then guys like Birk and possibly Saturday will be there.