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Bengals and Lions are in the mix; possibly battling for Derrick Ward depending on Cedric Benson

We pointed out earlier this morning that the Bengals offered a deal to Ward, however re-signing Benson is still their top priority. Which means that the Bengals are keeping Ward in their back-pocket dependant of what happens with negotiations with Benson. A question. Why not sign both? Just a thought.

The "Oh Crap, keeps breaking" intermediary site on Sporting News claims that the Bengals and Lions are competing for Ward.

The Lions interest is to pair Ward with Kevin Smith, while the Bengals' pursuit could be contingent on ongoing negotiations in Cincinnati to keep Cedric Benson in the fold.

The source said that the Rams, Buccaneers and Broncos -- all rumored to be interested -- have not been in the mix.

Yup. The Bengals are actually pocketing one in case they can't sign the other. However, Ward could take another approach allowing the market to work itself out, before deciding to sign with anyone; especially if he wants to sign with a team that's playoff-projected in 2009.

Also, in the second post of the day with Ward, I pointed out the following comment:

Brandon Jacobs missed three games. How did Ward perform in those games?
Week 12 – 20 carries, 69 yards, TD
Week 15 – 14 carries, 64 yards
Week 17 – 15 carries, 77 yards

Today the two biggest stories for the Bengals are what happens with Houshmandzadeh and the combination of what happens with Ward/Benson. We'll keep updating as information flows in, making it my duty (hah, he said duty) to keep you guys as the most informed fans on the net!