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Clarification on Stacy Andrews' rehab

The Chickster has been a Cincy Jungle favorite since the beginning. He has a certain attitude that appeals to Bengals fans and, honestly, no one makes Marvin Lewis squirm like he does trying to get to the information that our head coach keeps close. Ironically, if not a bit hypocritically, we understand where Lewis comes from (though we might not explain it that way sometimes) keeping things in-house; trying to if it weren't for guys like Shaun Smith blabbering about something that happened three-plus years ago.

Chickster had a pen and keyboard today, and damn it, he was going to use it. T.J. Houshmandzadeh? "He needs to go … and discover the grass isn’t greener at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field."

He got on Stacy Andrews, saying:

Speaking of guys who need to go, add Stacy Andrews to the list.

“Big Country” simply refuses to sign a long-term deal with the Bengals.
Andrews, Stacy.jpg

Didn’t happen last year, so they slapped the franchise tag on him.

And it hasn’t happened this year. His torn ACL makes him damaged goods. He needs to be sent packing.

It’s both amusing and disturbing that Andrews had his reconstructive knee surgery performed by Bengals team doctor Angelo Colosimo and the Bengals training staff is conducting and monitoring his rehab.

Crazy to think the Bengals are getting him healthy just so he can go off and play for another team.

Originally we linked this on our front page as a quote, if for any reason, the brutal honesty. However, there is some confusion as to the nature of this. So the Enquirer's Joe Reedy clarifies:

The rehab was moved to the University of Cincinnati two weeks ago because it was getting close to the deadline and no deal was done. Bengals doc and rehab stuff also came highly recommended and was chosen by Andrews and his agent. The agent got three or four different opinions before going that way.

Joe was referring to his February 15 piece.

However, none of this answers if Andrews' head was cropped from another picture, then pasted on top of Freddie Mitchell's body. We have Jack Bauer checking it out.

[UPDATE: Solved!]