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Ryan Fitzpatrick began his Friday in Buffalo

A very low priority this off-season (however we learned last season it could be a HUGE priority) is that the Bengals are in need of a backup quarterback. Behind Carson Palmer is little brother Jordan, and after that, it's nothing but crickets and bales of hay. In the past, the Bengals have used Jon Kitna, Anthony Wright and Ryan Fitzpatrick as their primary backup quarterbacks, using two out of three in respective regular seasons. Palmer has gone down twice for significant time in 2004 and 2008, making it very relevant that the Bengals find a quarterback that can play in the system.

Last year's backup, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is an unrestricted free agent. It was unknown how much interest he would garner, after having what some would call a decent 2008 season, it wasn't very impressive for a quarterback looking to start on another team.

On Friday, Fitzpatrick was the first free agent to "walk through the door at One Bills Drive, once free agency commenced Friday." Fitzpatrick would be signed, if he were signed, as a backup quarterback to Trent Edwards to hopefully "mentor Edwards on the finer points of the game as he continues to develop." Bills fans wouldn't have a problem with that.

Now that Houston traded Sage Rosenfels for a fourth round pick to the Vikings, the Texans are looking for a backup quarterback and Fitzpatrick is considered a strong candidate. We have also read somewhere, or perhaps heard it on the radio (I can't remember, so I can't source it) that there was some interest with the Jets after the retirement of Brett Favre. I can't substantiate that, so take it for what it is. A blogger with a terrible memory and a total infatuation with knowing T.J. Houshmandzadeh's itinerary.

On a personal front, the benefit of Fitzpatrick leaving is that I can finally stop calling him Ryan Fitzgerald.