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Ryan Fitzpatrick signs with the Buffalo Bills; search on for backup veteran quarterback... Kitna?

Just after we posted that Ryan Fitzpatrick visited Buffalo first thing Friday morning, the former (yes, now former) Cincinnati Bengals backup quarterback signed with the Bills. Terms haven't been disclosed.

Fitzpatrick is the second player to sign elsewhere today; Andrews signed with the Eagles (if anything, click on the link just to stare at the picture that Chris crafted).

Even with a shot that Fitzpatrick would re-sign with the Bengals, it's arguable that the Bengals would have to address the position one way or another. If Fitzpatrick returned, the Bengals would need to acquire a third quarterback; unless Jordan Palmer have given the coaching staff enough confidence. Now with Fitzpatrick officially gone, the Bengals will have to look into acquiring a veteran backup quarterback.

So yea, why not? You know what I'm thinking. It was reported last week that the Lions will likely cut Jon Kitna. I brought up the suggestion, and attached a poll in which 538 people responded -- 74% agreed to bring Kitna back. Now, in truth, several things need to happen. First, the Lions need to release him. Second, Kitna has to accept the role, not looking around to prove he can still start, as quarterbacks his age do.

I'm not saying it's true, or trying to persuade a single thing. However, Kitna's last season season as a Bengals quarterback was 2005 when the Bengals went 11-5. Since then, we've gone 8-8, 7-9 and 4-11-1. That has to be divine, man (those that remember his post-game ball cap during press conferences know what I'm talking about).