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Stacy Andrews got a six-year deal; introduced officially in Philly

We admit that when reports surfaced that the Philadelphia Eagles signed Stacy Andrews, it was a surprise. After all, Andrews had suffered a major injury to his knee, and there was no reason to believe that he would be ready by the regular season, much less training camp.

For three years, the Bengals tried to sign him to a long-term deal and it just never happened. We're not exactly sure why. Was it money? Was it the hope to join his brother in Philadelphia? Some make the argument that the signing actually helps his brother Shawn Andrews, who battled with depression last year.

The deal was finally confirmed to be a six-year contract. While it's believed to be roughly $7 million a year, the terms are still undisclosed. Andrews was introduced to the press on Saturday. This will likely be our last Andrews' featured post, now that he's an Eagle. The curiosity of what he's getting interests us, but at this rate, it's not really our concern anymore.