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Tampa Bay Buccaneers showing "significant interest" in CB Jamar Fletcher

A clue on how well your team is put together, is watching what happens to the free agents that you allow to hit the market. If other teams are quick to pick up your left overs, or players you can't/won't sign, then you know you're stocked because you don't have the room for players that other teams deem as worthy talent.

After Ryan Fitzpatrick and Stacy Andrews, the interest just hasn't been there for other players not named T.J. Houshmandzadeh. If the lack of reports is any indication, even running back Cedric Benson has drawn little interest on the market.

One player garnering interest is cornerback Jamar Fletcher, reports the Pewter Report. is reporting the Bucs have expressed significant interest in Cincinnati Bengals free agent CB Jamar Fletcher and Buffalo Bills free agent CB Jabari Greer.

Fletcher, 29, is considered a journeyman, having played for Miami, San Diego, Detroit, Houston and Cincinnati during his NFL career.

The 5-foot-10, 180-pound Fletcher originally entered the NFL with Miami when Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates served in that capacity with the Dolphins. Fletcher played with the Dolphins for three seasons. He has posted seven career interceptions and one touchdown, and possesses the bump-and-run skills Bates is looking for in his defensive backs.