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Introducing (another) New Contributor--goffchile

I am going to be joining Mike and Kirkendall on the CincyJungle team so I wanted to give a quick intro for myself.  I was born in Cincinnati and grew up there throughout the '70s and '80s. I was fortunate enough to see some good baseball and football. My dad was a season ticket holder going back to 1970, so Sundays at Riverfront were very much a ritual.  My earliest memories of Bengals football acrobatic catches by Isaac Curtis heartbreaking fumbles by Boobie Clark.

I currently live in Pittsburgh--which needless to say--makes life a little interesting for this Bengals fan.  I am used to being "very lonely" during Bengals-Steelers matchups and have become used to shaking my head, waiting for the day of vindication. Nevertheless, I do have a grudging respect for the Steelers and their fans--which makes me want to see the Bengals beat the tar out of them even more.

Good to meet everyone--and I look forward to helping out Kirkendall and the crew.