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Is it worth it to trade Chad?

I have been noticing a lot of chatter about whether the Bengals should trade Chad.

In November, The Sporting News surveyed real NFL scouts and published a list of the top 40 wide receivers.  TJ was #11.  Chad wasn't listed.  So to all those clamoring to get rid of Ocho Cinco, what do you think we will get for him? 

The answer: Not much. 

We all know Chad's downsides but aren't the Bengals better off with him than getting rid of him at such a deep discount?  He is 30.  Many wide receivers have performed at very high levels into their mid-30s.  He does not have a history of significant injuries.   Perhaps his declining numbers last season can be attributed to his shoulder injury and the fact that Carson was hurt. 

Does his past behavior merit moving him even at a discount?  Perhaps, but he seems to be toning it down this offseason. 

Let's hope he realizes it is time to get serious and shows up for minicamp in top shape.  If not, it may then be time to move him, even at a deep discount. 

What do you think?