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CincyJungle Writers Search Nearly Completed

When I put the call out to writers, I received over 40 responses -- seriously, 40! I asked for sample pieces from each one, and most responded. As you've seen last week through today, we've brought Mike Boyd and Goffchile on board. You've already read Boyd's pieces and you see he's going to be a valuable member of our team. Today, Goff introduced himself, who most of you regulars have read and interacted with in the comments section in the past.

We will be introducing a third writer this week who's contributed pieces in the past and we might have one more after that. When it's all said in done, we could have four columnists; one or two of whom will try to help blog during those times when I get stuck doing things I hate doing -- like working.

Anyway, the guys we're bringing on board are quality thoughtful and skilled writers that come from the same base as us all. So if you've yet to do so, welcome them on board.