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Tuesday links and notes

Parity in the NFL is good. However, you can't champion for it only when it applies; you have to champion it every year. Parity does no one any good if the teams that run franchises struggle to put together good successive runs in the NFL.

WDR points out that Hamilton County is not responsible for purchasing unsold Bengals tickets, calling it misinformation. Actually, it's more like incomplete information. There was an agreement in place in which 50,000 home tickets were guaranteed to be sold per game. If the fans didn't purchase them, then Hamilton County was responsible for the difference for the stadium's first two years in use -- after that, it would dissolve anyway. However, this provision was quickly dumped after 43,000-45,000 season tickets were purchased, in the belief that 50,000 tickets would be sold per home game.

So, in a sense WDR is right that this is misinformation if someone out there is making claims that this agreement still exists. But even if Mike Brown, who said at the time that Hamilton County has already given enough, didn't dissolve that agreement with Hamilton County commissioners then it would have expired anyway after two seasons.

Chad Johnson's one-year character suicide campaign is over, who said he'll be in Cincinnati whenever they need him.

Advertisers were still shelling hard cash for spots during the Super Bowl. Even though some were worried with the bad economy, the cost to create and run these ads might not return their investment. Part two of however, there is optimism still since commercials during the Super Bowls are watched with interest.

University of Cincinnati President Nancy Zimpher is reportedly leaving UC for SUNY, the "nation's largest public university system." We're not exactly clear how this affects Brian Kelly's future there; but hopefully the future is long-lasting.

John Thornton gives props to Hobson for starting the Virtual Hall of Fame.

The second day of the 2008 NFL draft was better than Marvin Lewis expected.

I think people lose sight of the differences between a head coach and a defensive coordinator. Some people can't make it as a head coach and are optimal the best coaches when they're calling their own plays.

Peter Schrager has the Bengals picking B.C., D.T., B.J. Raji in the 2009 NFL draft. How's that for successive abbreviations? Fo-hizzle. What? Huh? Moving on.

If you're still not sure what those "G" commercials are all about, it's a new type of Gatorade.

The annual Thanksgiving game will remain in Detroit.

Wes Bunting's 2009 NFL Draft Value Chart.

Bengals are talking contract with Chris Crocker's agent.