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Wednesday links and notes

I'm catching up on NBC's Heroes, and about to finish season two. I never thought I'd say this, but Heroes is better than Lost. However, nothing is better than South Park.

Dave correctly points out that Paul Daugherty is running a big risk in the dinosaur newspaper age by slamming a significant portion of readership because people choose to renew their season tickets. We respect Daugherty's opinion, and the freedom in which he's allowed to make it. However, there has to come a time when Bengals fans tire of the constant hometown bashing.

Houshmandzadeh is listed as one of the all-time second day steals in NFL history.

Bleacher Report writes that the Bengals should change their uniforms. Of course, the point isn't backed up with much reasoning, except that the author states he's a "fan". I question sometimes with some writers out there that make the same claims, but shows nothing to confirm that.

"Michael Phelps wins gold medal for stupidity." Is there a gold medal for holier than thou headlines?

Do you think it's proper that the NFL dissolve military-like names?

The Bengals have played (and lost) to the Colts three times in the past four regular seasons; only one of which was remotely close. So it figures that the first year the Colts could be vulnerable (but not likely), the Bengals won't play them.

Of course NFL players want the Pro Bowl to remain in Hawaii.

This is neat. NFP ranks incoming draft picks based on specializations -- such as blocking schemes, cover-two corners, third down backs.

How bad is NFL feeling the depressing economy? Prisco says bad.

In talking to league officials, there is real concern. Most of the tickets were sold last year before the economy went really bad. That's why there is worry. How can people justify buying tickets when the economy is so down? Many of the league's top sponsors are also having financial issues that will be felt. The NFL has to hope that the summer brings a brighter economic future or even it will face troubles ahead.

For those of you that had hoped the Bengals would bring Albert Haynesworth, lack of free spending aside, it probably won't happen because Haynesworth would prefer to remain in the south.

Brian Kelly called his University of Cincinnati recruiting class a BCS class. "We know the talent level is very good and I think it’s got great balance overall academically and athletically," Kelly said. "These kids all fit the model we are looking for in terms of a student-athlete and someone who can be successful on the field and in the classroom.”

Over half the class hails from Ohio with eight student-athletes, Maalik Bomar (Winton Woods), Austen Bujnoch (Elder), Everett Horne (North College Hill), Jamar Howard (Withrow), Josh Jones (Elder), Colin Lozier (Colerain), Tristin Marvin (Winton Woods), Sean McClellan (Moeller), and Chris Williams (Winton Woods), from the Cincinnati area.