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How Do?

Introducing yet another new guy, that being me, Chris Richardson.  You might remember me from such public service announcements like "Super Bowl Porn: Tristan Kingsley Speaks" or "Odell Thurman Disappoints."  Granted, those were on another site, but I hope you can sense a kindred spirit when one's around.

A little bit about me -- as I said, my name is Chris Richardson and I work for Ticket Solutions as a content producer.  I also maintain the blog as part of my duties.  Besides being a "professional" blogger, I'm also a massive sports fan.  I root for the Kentucky Wildcats and the of course, the Bengals.  I recently moved to Kansas City for my new employment.  Before that, I lived and worked in Lexington, Kentucky. 

I've been a Bengals fan since the Boomer Esiason/Joe Montana Super Bowl and somehow, I've maintained this fanhood despite names like David Klingler and Akili Smith -- although, it hasn't been the easiest endeavor.  Living in Lexington during these times, I saw a lot of "Cincinnati fans" jump ship to the Steelers, making me dislike the Terrible Towel Nation even more.

The hardest test for me was when Tim Couch was drafted by the Browns.  Being a UK fan, it was hard not to notice a favorite son going to a geographically regional team with a chance to succeed.  Fortunately, I survived as Couch failed.  I have, however, often wondered where my heart would lie if Timmy was succeeding for Cleveland.

Good thing Couch never let me find out.  Oh well.  Heather Kozar is a nice consolation prize.

So here we stand at what once looked like a very successful era for the Bengals franchise, only to see this opportunity come back and slap the fans directly in the face.  Is there hope for those of us that live in the Jungle?  Will those who hold the keys to the franchise recapture all those positive vibes from 2005 or are we doomed to wallow in the mire for another decade?

Hopefully, the ship hasn't run aground and can be put back on course.  Of course, a successful draft would go a long way towards righting a lot of wrongs.  Anyway, I'm starting to ramble, so I'll stop here.  I hope you guys enjoy my contributions, and please, if I screw something up, be sure and let me know in whatever method you choose to deliver your message. 

I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.  ;)

Oh yeah, I'm also a Star Wars fan, meaning I wholly support whatever trip this guy is on: