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New addition VMan in Germany

Let me start by thanking Josh for this opportunity.  I am a life long Bengals fan who rides the roller coaster of excitement and disappointment with everyone else.  I live in a predominent American community here in Germany but often feel alienated by my allegence to our team.  It is difficult to find another true Bengals fan in Europe.  I grew up in Cincy and even remember the thrill of being in the crowd for an AFC Championship game, so I always envision our teams return to glory.  

I like to think I might bring a perspective that is not influenced by local talk shows and popular opinion.  My sources are mostly from on-line media sources and the on-line Cincinnati newspaper pages and articles on this site.  But rest assured, even from 4500 miles away I harbor the same distain for the Steelers, Ravens and Browns that all of you hold and am counting the days to next season with the hopes of revenge as well as redemption.