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Three NFL players on distressed boat

PFT sources an ABC story that a 21-foot boat with three NFL players missing.

The boaters were supposed to return sometime after dark but never did, officials said. A friend called the Coast Guard at about 1:30 am and reported them missing.

Officials say the waters in the gulf are extremely choppy and they believe the boat is in distress.

Air and marine crews from the Sand Key and Clearwater Coast Guard stations are searching a 750 square mile area west of Clearwater Pass.

The story claims that two of the three players play for the Detroit Lions and Oakland Raiders; no idea as to the third person. We can't help but think that the third player is a certain free agent running back that played for the Bengals in 2008. There's been no reports of Benson at all this free agency, and since he's not known to visit anyone, and since we know that he loves boating, we admit, somewhat morbidly perhaps, that one of them possibly could be Cedric Benson. A small possibility, like 1%, but the thought did occur to us. No names were released and we're still waiting on updates.