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Bengals still in the market for backup veteran quarterback; have any favorites?

Now that Ryan Fitzpatrick is gone, the Bengals will need to keep their eyes set on acquiring a veteran backup quarterback. We suggest this based on the fact that the Bengals have always had a veteran backing up Palmer, ranging from Anthony Wright, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jon Kitna; all guys with NFL experience when joining the Bengals (or in Kitna's case, being demoted for Palmer).

There are still a few free agents available. There's no known visits with the Bengals of any quarterbacks at this moment, and there doesn't appear to be any activity. Lance McAlister hinted that there's interest with Patrick Ramsey. We nearly puked. Admittedly, we never expected much in this regard while the Bengals are notoriously slow movers in free agency; especially for backup-type players.

Available quarterbacks include Trent Green, Rex Grossman, Joey Harrington, Brad Johnson, Byron Leftwich, J.P. Losman, Dan Orlovsky (we included this for Mike) among others.

ESPN has a complete list.

Do you guys have a favorite?