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Cedric Benson invited to Houston for visit with the Texans

One of the biggest questions, not including a certain wide receiver that has completely hijacked this website that we'll keep nameless, heading into the off-season is Cedric Benson. Will he sign back, won't he sign back. And if he doesn't sign back, can and will the Bengals give Derrick Ward the Michael Turner money he's looking for?

The Houston Chronicle's John McClain -- who apparently gave up his badge for quieter days in the newspaper industry -- writes that the Houston Texans are inviting Benson for a visit. Which day, isn't being reported, but Benson's role would primarily be a backup to Steve Slaton.

Things to note here. Benson would be returning to his home state. However, Benson wouldn't be the feature back whereas in Cincinnati, he would get a bulk of the carries in front of guys like Chris Perry, Kenny Watson, DeDe Dorsey and James Johnson. If he wants playing time, Cincinnati is his best bet. If he wants to go home, which is a typically a very powerful thing, then the Texans have a leg up. Not to be dismissed, this visit could be a way to push his asking price up for Cincinnati.

Either way, we're just happy that we got an update on Benson.