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Bengals confirm fullback John Kuhn visited Cincinnati

Packers fullback John Kuhn visited with the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday, writes Geoff Hobson.

"He had a good visit. There is mutual interest," said Kevin Gold, Kuhn's Harrisburg, Pa.-based agent. "The dilemma teams face is that they need to make an offer that's good enough so the other team won't match."

The visit is confirmed, however an offer isn't immediately expected, after the team put $15 million against the cap for 2009. Kuhn is a restricted free agent and the Bengals will need to offer something more than $1.01 million, which is the going rate for the lowest restricted free agent tender. If the Bengals offer a deal, then the Packers will have seven days to match. If they don't, he's a Bengals fullback. However, first thing's first, make the deal.

Daniel Coats is the team's only fullback, who is recently a convert from tight end.