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Breaking down Laveranues Coles' 2009 contract

On Monday, we broke down Laveranues Coles' base salary.

2009 - $1.9 million
2010 - $4.65 million
2011 - $6.4 million
2012 - $6.4 million

We learned a bit later, that Coles would receive $9.75 million in guarantees for 2009. How is that broken down?

Signing Bonus - $3 million
Roster Bonus - $4.7 million
Base Pay - $1.9 million
Workout bonus - $100,000

He will earn a $100,000 workout bonus for each season he's under the existing contract. However, it would seem that a majority of the guarantees that Coles received, is for this season only. If that's the case, then the cap hit is significantly reduced after this year if the Bengals decide to part ways with Coles, essentially making this deal a one-year deal with three option seasons. Hey, it's another way of looking at it.