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Bengals worked out Abilene Christian quarterback Billy Malone

Even though the Bengals signed their back-up quarterback with J.T. O'Sullivan, they're still planning on working out third-string generals to force Jordan Palmer into a competition that would likely see him leave the team once final cut-down day comes and goes.

On Monday, the Bengals worked out Abilene Christian quarterback Billy Malone. Malone was once considered first-round talent before a "heart problem ended Malone’s career at Tulane before it ever really got off the ground, sending him into a downward spiral."

Bruce Feldman says:

An NFL scout I talked to says Malone is very much on the radar. He has a good arm, although his mechanics do tend to get sloppy, the scout said. Being 25 isn't a plus, but Malone says he has talked to a bunch of pro scouts who have come through and none of them have brought it up. "I am still young," he says. "And I'm happy things have ended up like this."