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Rules and Penalties

Let us all take a light hearted break from all the free agency moves for some fun discussion on penalties. I think it is safe to say that we all have some heartburn with a variety of rules and the penalties levied.  I for one would like to see some minor changes.  Here are a few of my least favorite called penalties in no particular order.

The penalty for offensive holding is the first penalty that is to severe.  Ten yards for the most called penalty many times is a drive momentum breaker.  Face it, the offensive lineman often has little hope of stopping the pass rush of the faster defensive lineman around the league.  It is time to make this a five yard penalty and give the offensive lineman a break, or make defensive lineman wear ankle weights.

Illegial blocks in the back on punts and kickoff returns have become tiresome.  There is no NFL game played that does not have this pesky call made at least once.  Don't get me wrong, the obvious and play altering calls must be made. However many times we have seen, what appears to be a petty call made far away from the point of attack.  A penalty that brings back a great return. Kickoff and punt returns are aguable the most exciting plays of a game.

Celebration calls, not to be confussed with taunting, is my final penalty beef.  The NFL is losing part of it's personality with these calls.  I am not talking about spiking in another players face, I am talking about the "Icky Schuffles", "Fun Bunches", "Dirty Birds", "Mile High salutes", "Lambeau Leeps", even Ocho Cinco giving first aid to dying footballs.  As silly and juvenile as they are they bring some excitement to the fans and makes the game a little more fun to watch. Do away with the celebration rules but keep the taunting rule.

This is just the begining of what I hope is a fun lighthearted dialogue amongst all bloggers.  I know all of you out there have a rule change you would like to see or some penalty yards reduced.  Take a break from the free agency and draft talk and let the flags fly.