1. Cut Chris Perry & Kenny Watson- We need to move on with a new backfield an get more cap space

2.Sign Orlando Pace- Gives young line leadership and also makes an immediate impact if he can avoid injuries

3. Trade Chad Johnson- Try to trade him for an early 2nd round pick preferrably st. louis with torry holt on his way out, plus this move gives us plenty of more cap space

4. NFL Draft

1. WR- Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech- Replaces Ocho Cinco

2.OT Andre Smith(via trade w/ Rams for C.Johnson) Alabama- If Andre Smith falls to the 2nd then this would make these moves even sweeter if not we can just draft the next best  OT anything is an upgrade for our line, plus Pace would  already be there

2.TE Jared Cook- Gives Carson A true TE threat

3.C-  Eric Wood, Louisville- Gives us a replacement for Eric G.

3.(Compensation for J. SMith)-  DT- Jarron Gilbert (Gives us some depth at DT)

4. RB- Javon Ringer,Michigan State- Gives us RB depth (similar to steve slatons situation with size) 1-2 Punch of thunder & Lightning

Great steal at this position.

5.FB-Brannan Southerland, Georgia- Gives us the FB we need. he can block, run, and catch.

6.DB- Bruce Johnson Miami, FL- Gives us a speed demon kick return specialist that we desperately NEED.

6. (Compensation for Landon Johnson) ILB- Jasper Brinkly- Once was projected as a late 1st- early 2nd round Linebacker, I think a 6th round pick is well worth the risk for this guy.

7.Any Backup QB- Grahama Harrell/David Johnson etc

Our Line Up would look like this:

QB-1.Carson Palmer 2. J.T. O'Sullivan 3.Graham Harell

RB- 1.Cedric Benson 2. Javon Ringer 3.Dede Dorsey

WR- 1.Lavernius Coles 2. Michael Crabtree 3.Chris Henry 4.Andre Caldwell 5.Jerome Simpson

TE. 1.Jared Cook 2. Ben Utecht

LT- Andre Smith/B. Williams

LG-Anthony Collins/ Levi Jones

RT- Orlando Pace/B. Williams

RG- Andrew Whitworth/Levi Jones

C- Eric Wood

This offense i definitely an upgrade to the previous season

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