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Andre Caldwell: "I'm ready to go."

While I was driving from Dayton this afternoon, I was listening to Lance McAllister referencing Mark Sheldon's article about how the Reds are "hoping new attitude leads to more wins this season" in an article headlined "Energy, fundamentals fuel Reds."

The Reds, and their fans, have endured eight straight losing seasons -- including a 74-88, fifth-place finish last year in the National League Central. Since general manager Walt Jocketty took over in April, the team jettisoned its core veterans like Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey Jr., plus Ryan Freel and David Ross. Youth is definitely in around here but the veterans who were brought in, like Arthur Rhodes, Jonny Gomes and Jacque Jones, are considered high-character and leadership type of players.

There's absolutely no comparison between the Reds and Bengals on this one. Older dogs remained, cultures stuck on the walls like the glue that forced Brian and Stewie to hold hands for a week. While the older dogs have left Cincinnati, some have remained. We're not strictly talking age; rather that unending aroma that permeates each year.

That's why it was refreshing to see the youth in Andre Caldwell in Hobson's latest.

"I want to show off for the big guy," Caldwell said Thursday afternoon before stepping on the field in Los Angeles. "I hear he's ready to let it loose and I want to show the big guy how much I've improved and that I'm ready to go."