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Corey Mays signs with the Kansas City Chiefs

On Friday, the Kansas City Chiefs agreed to terms with Corey Mays. Mays was a restricted free agent that the Bengals choose not to tender an offer for. Mays finished 2008 with 16 tackles total (stat via and 31 tackles through 23 games during his two-year stretch with Cincinnati.

Against the Washington Redskins, the Bengals were defending against an early third-quarter drive that was as exciting and anxious as it gets, thanks to Mays. Clinton Portis received the handoff on first-and-goal at the seven-yard line. After a four yard gain, Portis was dropped for a one-yard loss by Brandon Johnson on second down. However, Jason Shirley was called for defensive holding setting up an automatic first down from the one-yard line.

Jason Campbell throws an incomplete pass.

Mike Sellers gets the handoff and scored a touchdown on second down. The score is tied. The Redskins rejoice. Marvin Lewis throws the red flag. Sellers never pushed the football past the plane, and Corey Mays was credited with the tackle. On third-and-goal from the one-yard line, Sellers got the handoff again up the gut. While momentarily stopped, Sellers extended his hands with the football to break the plane. Mays slapped the football out, recovered the loose ball and the Bengals defense scored a touchback. Bengals football, no scored allowed, preserving their eventual 20-13 win.