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Bengals made no offer for full back Naufahu Tahi

The Cincinnati Bengals haven't made an offer for fullback Naufahu Tahi, reports the Star Tribune. Tahi is a restricted free agent that was tendered the low $1.01 million which compensates based on which round the player was drafted. Since Tahi wasn't drafted into the NFL, all the Bengals have to offer is a contract to Tahi that he's willing to sign.

If he does sign a deal that the Bengals offer, and the Vikings do not match, then he's ours. The issue here is that if the Bengals do sign Tahi, then they'll probably cut Daniel Coats because they wouldn't sign a player to a multi-year deal, with possible several millions, only to cut him during training camp.

However, since last week's visit didn't follow up with a contract offer, we've been suspecting that the Bengals removed him as a potential target already.