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Monday links and notes: Dhani premieres, set to re-launch

Are you going to watch Dhani Tackles the Globe tonight? Dhani goes to the city of Bangkok and trains to compete in a Thai boxing match.

Liberty running back Rashad Jennings would be a good fit for the Bengals, writes Carlos Holmes.

Per a Twitter, will relaunch on Monday, March 23 with a new look, new features (I can't believe I wrote all that).

Along with Jason Smith, the Bengals will meet with running back Knowshon Moreno, and receiver Jeremy Maclin.

The Bengals no longer have an NFLPA representative. Thornton thinks that Chris Perry should get the job.

Hey, it could be worse. We could be having a problem with our quarterback being pouty.

RedReporter has a neat breakdown of the fastball of the four starting Reds' pitchers.