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Detroit Lions could affect the Bengals first-round selection

Of all the teams that could dramatically effect the Cincinnati Bengals drafting plans, it's the Detroit Lions. Will they go quarterback? Offensive tackle? Even though they acquired Julian Peterson, is linebacker still on the table? Tom Kowalski of writes:

Aaron Curry could probably be a tremendous middle linebacker and I'm sure the Detroit Lions are going to let everyone know that as the draft approaches, but I'm more and more convinced that the Lions are going to draft a left tackle. It's going to be Baylor's Jason Smith or Virginia's Eugene Monroe and the selection between those two will most likely be based on the contract negotiations leading up to the draft.

If the Lions go offensive tackle, that leaves three of the top tackle prospects. One of which is being taken off boards for his (lack of) work ethic.

So, Matthew Stafford? Latest word is that the Lions appear interested in woe-is-me Jay Cutler trade possibilities, that is if Cutler is indeed on the trading block. Which he has been, but not really, kind of sorta, though he says so twice. If the Lions look at quarterback in the draft, it gives the Bengals flexibility, while other teams like the Rams and Seahawks are potential offensive linemen candidates as well.

Either way, the Bengals could be looking at definitely the second best tackle in the draft, probably the third best tackle in the draft and (somewhat) possibly the fourth tackle in the draft. But that all depends on the Lions. Worst case scenario, Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe and Michael Oher could be gone by the time the Bengals pick. Then what? Yea, you're not so sure about that Andre Smith guy, are you? If that's the case, defense?