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Dhani Jones Is Huge on YouTube

I told Josh I'd be here yesterday to help out. Unfortunately, stupid Time-Warner cable installations take a lot longer than they let on. Anyway, now that my absences are no longer necessary, I figured something about the Dhani Jones viral wave taking place would be a good way to rejoin the group.

As you know by now, Jones has a show on the Travel Channel where he travels the globe and takes part in some of the sporting event indigenous to the area he's currently visiting.  On the first episode, Jones tries his hand at Muay Thai and we have some video to promote/prove it.

Not only is Jones garnering attention from the mainstream for his travels, his Internet/viral marketing quotient has increased exponentially.  Jones' YouTube channel is "blowing up" (professional industry term) with followers, commenters and viewers.

From a selfish fan point of view, Jones success with his Travel Channel partnership can only be a good thing for a Bengals organization trying to shed a number of negative labels.  Good PR, especially with the Internet/blogosphere crowd, can't hurt.

Not even a little bit.

As for the Jones travels, Dhani's next stop will be in Switzerland, where he'll be trying his hand at Schwingen, something Wikipedia refers to as "Swiss wrestling."  Maybe all these new techniques Jones is exposing himself to will help him when he has to blast a Pittsburgh Steelers receiver off of the field next season.  One can only hope.