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Report: Chris "Beanie" Wells high on Bengals draft board

Beanie Wells is ranked high on the team's list of impact player, writes Carlos Holmes, who says the Bengals "will be in search of an impact player on either offense or defense". During the OSU Pro Day, Wells "unofficially ran somewhere between a 4.34 and 4.46 on the fast track at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center".

The Seattle Seahawks with the No. 3 pick and Cleveland Browns at No. 5 have expressed interest in the running back. Other teams at top of the draft board expressing interest include Green Bay, Jacksonville, Denver and Cincinnati of course.

The Seahawks are fourth, not third. But that's beside the point.

I still have a hard time seeing the Bengals drafting a running back over an offensive lineman in the first round. Granted, if Jason Smith, Michael Oher and Eugene Monroe are all gone -- a scenario that does exist with the Lions, Rams and Seahawks picking ahead of Cincinnati -- do the Bengals take the risk and draft Andre Smith? And if that's the case, do you go after an impact running back, who does draw durability flags? Or would you rather go with defense?