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Levi Jones' career depends on draft; a take on how the Bengals draft

Levi Jones' future in Cincinnati depends on what happens in the NFL Draft. Bengals gab feels pity for Jones, who says "football had its way with Levi, leaving him permanently scarred and far older than his anatomical age suggests" concluding that Jones will limp away "unloved".

Bengals worked out defensive end Jonathan Hamm.

Conner Barwin is visiting Jacksonville.

In the past day or so, the Baltimore Ravens have added tight end L.J. Smith and are hosting offensive tackle Orlando Pace.

B.J. Raji is set to meet with the Detroit Lions.

NFP ranks Andre Smith as the third highest offensive tackle prospect .

Michael Lombardi on the Bengals drafting.

The Bengals have so many needs that it’s not unreasonable to think they could draft a back. They have to prepare for all options, and even if a wide receiver that they graded high were still on the board, they would probably select him. The Bengals rely on their coaches to grade the players correctly, and they rely on what they believe they need to determine whom they’ll pick. They’re all about team needs, so no matter where they pick in the round, they go with their predetermined need.

The problem with how the Bengals approach the draft is that no one has seen all the players and can determine who is actually a better player, not necessarily someone who fills a need. They have no one who can look at the draft board and make a horizontal determination as it relates to all the positions. The position coaches make a vertical determination, but there’s no one who can look across the board and make the right call as it relates to talent. Therefore, the Bengals allow the debate to begin but are really locked into their team needs. Typically, whoever can argue the loudest and has the strongest opinion will be the voice heard in this kind of situation. So the Bengals’ course of action in the draft will be determined by team needs and by the coach with the strongest opinion, regardless of his position.