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Introducing 2009 Sports Blog Nation Mock Draft

All 32 teams under the Sports Blog Nation banner will be conducting a mock draft, which of course means that will represent the Bengals selection (isn't that like the most obvious statement of 2009?).

The mock draft will be held at Mocking the Draft, and begin on Monday, March 23. We'll be conducting a two-round draft, with three picks held per day -- no trades included. Our first-round selection will take place on March 24, and our second-round selection on April 4.

Last year, if you were with us, we ran a community oriented selection. I didn't make the pick on my own, we all did. Personally, I'm not sure how we'll do it; just debating it in the comments or if we'll run a poll. We'll figure that out when we get there, but on those two days, I'll need you guys to hang around once the draft selections are made for other teams, we can go back and forth on which remaining players we should examine and select. Our selection will be based on the consensus of the community, rather than my opinion alone -- unless y'all pick wide receiver or running back, then I'm going offensive line. Kidding.

And just so you know, last year, I selected Keith Rivers and Pat Sims in my first two rounds, while almost drafting DeSean Jackson.