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Marvin Lewis impressed Roy Williams -- two signings expected before the NFL Draft

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I know the opinion on the site is split, but I'm in favor of bringing Roy Williams in for a look. I know his best days are behind him, that coverage has been an issue. As are coverage issues with the other safeties on the team -- hence Mike Zimmer's call for a cornerback that can play cover safety, which we think is close to the description that we're hearing of Malcolm Jenkins.

Furthermore, there's little reason to expect that Williams would come into Cincinnati and start based on any reputation. His cost is a weighty factor. But our Bengals are surely to keep that down -- because that's what they do, they keep cost down. Tim MacMahon believes that Cincinnati would actually get Williams' career back on track. He's clearly of a position with limited, if any, expectations. Keep it that way, have a look. If he is what we've heard of him, then don't worry about it. No harm, no foul.

My point is this. The Bengals are notorious for not even taking a look at players, some of whom are severely over-priced, and cheapness becomes an asset rather than a liability. However, the Bengals should at least take looks. With Chinedum Ndukwe, Marvin White, Chris Crocker and Corey Lynch, the Bengals could use an experienced veteran who could play a backup/special teams role. Will Williams want something like that? Unlikely. Still, it's always worth the look.

However, there is an impression.

Lewis also said that the Bengals will "probably," sign two players before the April 25-26 NFL Draft that will compete for starting jobs. Five-time Pro Bowl safety Roy Williams would obviously do more than that as the Bengals planned to talk to his agent after what defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer called a good workout at Paul Brown Stadium Thursday morning.

"He looked athletic and strong," Zimmer said.

Lewis spent much of the past two days with Williams and came away impressed.

"He's a great football player and he's a wonderful guy," Lewis said. "I'm glad we got to know him and he got to know us. He'd be a good asset for us. You can never have too many players and this guy has been an outstanding players. He makes plays that win games."