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Houshmandzadeh left Minnesota with no announced deal; who does that favor?

Apparently T.J. Houshmandzadeh has left Minnesota with no reported deal signed, traveling to his home in Los Angeles. We're not sure what this means, and why he'd go to Los Angeles if an announcement were imminent. One could assume that this is good news for Seattle, since a deal could still be announced with a plane trip North. However, another assumption could be made that Houshmandzadeh is signing back with the Bengals, and since it's his old team, there's no need for a press conference.

It was originally speculated that Houshmandzadeh would announce a deal Sunday night, then it turned to Monday morning. At this point, who knows. However, Judd Zulgad confirms that Houshmandzadeh left Minnesota.

We are no longer working on a tip that T.J. Houshmandzadeh has left town. We are now confirming that the free-agent wide receiver is no longer in the Twin Cities and was on a 9:35 flight last night to Los Angeles.

As we said in the blog posted moments ago, this does not mean the Vikings are out of the running. But it certainly isn’t a good sign. Houshmandzadeh was supposed to sleep on his decision at a Minneapolis hotel. But it appears he had second thoughts and decided to depart.

Pure speculation on my part is that if Houshmandzadeh went back to Los Angeles that’s a good sign if you’re the Seattle Seahawks. Of course, yesterday I wrote that Seattle might be out of this race. Anyway, the news is that T.J. is no longer in the Twin Cities.