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To new readers at

In the past week, we've seen a flux of new users come to and wanted to personally welcome all of you. My name is Josh Kirkendall (hence my username) and I manage with several writers who assist in putting together a Bengals related site that's aimed at making us all informed, so our opinions are detailed, wide-ranging and vast with our biggest focus being community.

This site is designed for several purposes, which includes information gathering, analysis, and community. Most of us are Bengals fans, so we all have one thing in mind. We care about the team and we desperately want to win. We have FanPosts on the right, which is your forum and it works just like a discussion board. I've strongly encouraged that if an opinion is well written and argued, that it will be on the front page of the site. FanShots are for smaller items, like pictures, videos and interesting quotes.

Also, each story has a recommendation button. Make sure you click on that if you like a story. Not exactly sure what it does, so click on it anyway.

If you're a new member, make yourself known and if you're just observing, then we welcome you too. It's easy to create a membership and best of all, it's free, free, free. Anyway, welcome everyone.