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Agent denies that Houshmandzadeh is in Seattle; John Clayton declares Seattle to be the winner

In the past hour, National Football Post has reported that T.J. Houshmandzadeh agreed to terms with the Seattle Seahawks. And that might be true. However, National Football Post could be jumping the gun. At first, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Clare Farnsworth wrote that either T.J. Houshmandzadeh or someone that looks like him, showed up at the Sea-Tac airport this afternoon. That was followed up within 20 minutes with a quote by his agent. The intial PFT post doesn't have Farnsworth's follow-up at this point.

If T.J. Houshmandzadeh was at Sea-Tac airport this afternoon, it's news to his agent.

"Must be a twin," Kennard McGuire just said in an email. "And I don't do gossip."

But this when-will-he-sign/where-will-he-sign saga is taking on twists that would make David Lynch envious.

When I went to National Football Post when I got home, after driving 85 MPH on I-75 from Dayton, their site was down. We're not saying that Houshmandzadeh isn't signing with Seattle; just that there seems to be a little gun-jumping at this point.

However, the initial report, supposedly since I heard it through the phone through an intermediary (don't frickin' ask), is that a deal would be signed within the hour.

Carl did point out this John Clayton piece that, through multiple sources, Houshmandzadeh did pick Seattle