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Friday News and Links: Levi Jones is still Bengals' left tackle

Even though a Chicago Sun Times blogger is the primary source for the Levi Jones is going to be cut or traded nugget that we've all run with (and I mean, everyone), Marvin Lewis points out that Levi Jones is still the team's left tackle. In truth, Lewis couldn't be more correct. Jones is under contract until 2012 and the only position that Jones can (or will) play is left tackle. Based on constant reminders that the Bengals are too close to their allotted salary pool for the draft and reserve injury money, as well as a likelihood of signing additional free agents, the Bengals need to free up the cap space by the time drafted players are signed to deals.

The issue about Levi Jones isn't his age; it's being so injury-prone.

Could the two signings that we've heard as possibilities be Roy Williams and offensive tackle George Foster?

Did Connor Barwin punch in his first-round ticket?

John Thornton is working on a real-time draft. The Lions picked Jason Smith. The Rams picked Eugene Monroe.

Marvin Lewis is pleased with the team's personnel.

"I've felt that, but it's the first time I've been off campus," he said. "Laveranues was their big point, and Cedric (Benson), bringing him back. They didn't have to say that, but it's what I've seen as the vision for our team. I think it's been a plus. I think our quarterback is excited about it and that's important."

With the owners' meeting set near quarterback Carson Palmer's Los Angeles-area home, Lewis figures to meet with him some time next week on his turf in preparation for the March 30 start of offseason workouts at Paul Brown Stadium.

Bleacher Report swung and missed. Badly.

Overtime rules won't be addressed during this weekend's NFL league meetings.