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Reactions to Tahi signing offer sheet with Bengals

Take a look through the comments of Vikings blogs, you don't get the overwhelming feeling that Minnesota fans are too terribly concerned about losing fullback Naufahu Tahi. I realize comments aren't necessarily the most balanced, fair, or even accurate -- we all tend to throw a little emotion and a hurt sense of betrayal into our venom at times. Still, I thought you might find it interesting.

Here are some quotes from Daily Norseman.

Tahi was about the most unathletic NFL player that I’ve ever seen. Aren’t fullbacks supposed to be difficult to take down?

I just realized this post might imply that I think Tahi is a good blocker, I don’t.

From the Star Tribune.

Go away Tahi, for all I care…he was putrid.

We never should have cut Tapeh, that was a huge mistake.

Gee I’m really gonna miss Tahi.

Its not like Tahi was so good he is impossible to replace.

Comments tend to soften once Leonard Weaver signed with the Eagles and the realization set in that Tahi would likely remain in Minnesota. The Bengals need a fullback, and Tahi would be an upgrade over Daniel Coats. However, at this point, there's more reason to believe that he remains with the Vikings than coming to the Bengals. However, I wouldn't mind being wrong on this one. Not at all.