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Dhani to take on "schwingers" in the Northern Swiss Alps

Combining Dhani Jones' love for learning different cultures by trying sports within different countries is both enlightening and fun. If it wasn't for the 9pm time slot on Monday night being dominated by Jack Bauer and the Petrelli family, then I'd be into it -- biased towards a Bengals linebacker included. So I have to patiently wait for replay viewing to get a glimpse -- there's a Saturday (12:00pm), Sunday (1:00pm) and Monday (3:00pm) replay on the Travel channel.

So what is Dhani up to this Monday?

I got an email from someone marketing Monday's show with the following preview:

In a ring of sawdust, in the rural regions of the Northern Swiss Alps, Dhani Jones is challenged by the local farmers, woodchoppers and cheese makers to traditional Swiss wrestling, “Schwingen”. Dhani is exposed to a tradition that brings him face-to-face with some of the best "schwingers" in the country.

Here are a few previews.