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Lions could be looking at Sanchez; chances of Bengals drafting offensive lineman increases

Pro Football Talk is floating a rumor in their "rumor mill" that the Lions are "focused" on USC quarterback Mark Sanchez. Georgia Quarterback Matthew Stafford had been believed to be the Lions choice, if they decided to draft a quarterback. The Lions are already starting negotiations with their first pick, however, they didn't identify whom and quotes by Lions president Tom Lewand suggests that they're negotiating with multiple players.

This is a significant development for the Bengals. It's largely believed that the Lions could possibly dictate the Bengals draft pick. There stood a chance that Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe could be the first two selections this year, leaving Michael Oher and Andre Smith available for the Seattle Seahawks -- another team that projects to have a need at left tackle. If that scenario developed, and say Andre Smith is available, the Bengals could forgo an offensive tackle based on the impression that Smith gave during the NFL Combine and his Pro Day.

If the Lions choose to go quarterback, the Bengals chances of acquiring one of the top three offensive linemen not named Andre Smith goes up significantly. With all that in mind, I think it's only fair to point out reader's Joe27 comments on Smith, who staunchly vouches for him. However, with the self-awareness with players that could embarrass the team, it seems very unlikely that the Bengals would draft Smith.