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Louisville Center Eric Wood to visit Cincinnati on April 14

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis has said that he feels confident that the Bengals will be alright at center with Dan Santucci and Kyle Cook. If it comes to that, we suspect. However, it doesn't seem like the Bengals are sitting idle, recognizing the need to improve the position in a division in which centers are critical to neutralize very good divisional nose tackles.

On April 14, while hosting several local products, one of which will be Connor Barwin, the Bengals will host Louisville center Eric Wood, writes

Cincinnati isn't the only team interested in Wood. On April 6th, Steelers offensive line coach Larry Zierlein will fly to Louisville to "conduct a private workout" while the Browns host Wood on April 15th. The Browns could figure to be the biggest roadblock for Cincinnati, drafting two slots ahead of the Bengals in the second round -- where we suspect that the three teams would draft Wood. That is unless the Steelers draft him with the 32nd pick.

Another piece describes Wood:

Wood is an explosive interior lineman who plays with a powerful motor. He has great size and strength. He understands his and his linemates assignments and is a leader on offense. He dominates upfront and overpowers the opposition during running situations. He displays good technique in pass protection. He has great awareness and picks up blitzes well. He’s reliable and works well with the quarterback. He has to improve his footwork and quickness to the second level.