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Ben-Gals Tryouts Begin in April

The Ben-Gals will hold tryouts in April at PBS.  On April 11th, at a cost of $35, there will be a clinic to familiarize participants with the tryout process.  Participants must be 21 and be employed or a full-time student.  There are two practices a week from June - December and three during the pre-season.  Pay is $80.00 a game and outside paid appearances are possible.  Team members will be expected to perform at a minimum of 10 outside charity functions supported by the Benals.

The registration materials put emphasis on the following quotes,

" Glamour is important and will contribute towards your score.  Full complete hair style and make up is HIGHLY recommended." 

"Flexibility and a good attitude is a Must!!"

$80 a week?  NFL cheerleaders need to unionize and get a CBA.  These hard-working ladies are seriously underpaid.  Just think of all those sideline shots on tv as they go into commercials...all the jumbo-tron shots...the late-season cold games...and all the times the Bengals are going 3 and out, Kyle Larson is coming into to kick a 30-yard punt, you are bored and have the binoculars...I know you sneak a look -- everybody does it.  I have even caught my sons sneaking a peak.  The bottom line is that sometimes the Ben-Gals are the only smiling faces in the whole stadium and that, in and of itself, is worth a lot more than $80 a game.