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Tuesday Links and Notes; thoughts on Dhani's latest, performance-pay handed out, and an Odell Thurman update

Been a few days since our last links and notes. News is trickling in like kidney stone. For the time being we're accumulating the links and notes over the course of a few days -- so you might see things in here that were published a few days ago.

A few questions for you guys.

Did you see Dhani's newest episode? And if so, what were your thoughts?

What do you think of the re-design?

The assault charge against Odell Thurman was dismissed.

Cal center Alex Mack is scheduled to visit Baltimore and Cleveland.

Carson Palmer is calling season (via recorded message) ticket holders to either thank them, or convince those that aren't going to renew to renew, concluding that he "will do anything I can to make the Bengals a season surprise Super Bowl team."

The offer sheet that Naufahu Tahi signed included a $500,000 signing bonus on top of a $900,000 base salary.

Marvin Lewis is one of the longest tenured active head coaches.

Even though the Bengals have four compensatory picks, Chick Ludwig asks can they use them wisely.

Adjusted performance-based pay, via Joe Reedy, with Brandon Johnson taking home $204,427.

The system was established as part of the collective bargaining agreement in 2002 and is part of a fund used to reward compensation based on a comparison of playing time to salary. In short, and not to make it as complicated as figuring out compensatory draft picks, it rewards players with lower salaries who excelled or stepped into starting roles during the season. For example, Johnson played in 65.5 percent of the Bengals' defensive snaps but earned just above $450,000 last season. That put him at the front of the list.

 If a player gets in for at least one snap during the regular season, he qualifies to be part of the pool, which was $3.3 million per team. Under the formula, T.J. Houshmandzadeh earned $25,750, Chad Ocho Cinco $12,318 and Carson Palmer $1,727.

 Other Bengals players earning over $100k are Rashad Jeanty ($182,610), Chinedum Ndukwe ($164,495), Marvin White ($156,771), David Jones ($151,619), Kyries Hebert ($149,227), Daniel Coats ($128,564), Nate Livings ($123,885) and Chris Crocker ($107,801). 

 San Diego guard Jeromey Clary was the league leader ($405,809).