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Carson Palmer != Tom Brady


No, Tom Brady didn't have a hand in the Kimo von Oelhoffen hit that put Carson Palmer on the shelf, but the lack of fallout as opposed to Tom Brady's similar injury is where the aggravation comes in.  Thanks to a post from FanHouse, we now know about the NFL's adjustment of their "protect the quarterback rule, especially if he's Tom Brady" portion of the rulebook.

Termed the "Brady Rule," the change makes hits like Bernard Pollard's (and von Oelhoffen's) on Brady's knee a flagable offense.  Time for some blockquote text:

Brady tore his left ACL and left MCL in the first quarter of the Patriots' 17-10 win over the Chiefs Sept. 7. As Brady stepped into a 28-yard completion to Randy Moss, Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard made a desperation dive into Brady's left knee after he had been blocked to the ground just short of Brady by running back Sammy Morris.

Pollard was not flagged or fined for the hit. Under the revised rule, a play like his would be penalized, according to Titans coach Jeff Fisher and Falcons president Rich McKay, co-chairmen of the committee.

"I think all the quarterbacks in this league are critical to what the game is about," said Patriots owner Robert Kraft. "It's like if Peyton Manning were gone for a season, I think the whole NFL suffers, the same way the NFL suffered with Tommy out. So whatever we can do to protect quarterbacks and to minimize the opportunity of them being taken out with a year-ending injury I would support.

"It's not good for the league. What makes it special is special players. It's like going to see a great movie and the star isn't in the movie. It's the same principle."

Um, where was this outcry for quarterback knee protection -- as well as talk of protecting these athletic investments -- when Palmer was hit during the Pittsburgh game a few seasons ago? Where was move to change the rules in order to protect quarterbacks? Why did such a change only come after a Tom Brady is hurt, but not a Matt Schaub?

Proving once again that all players are not created equal, the NFL is all-of-a-sudden all about protecting the knees of NFL quarterback, who, at this rate, will be wearing flags on their hips in about two seasons -- of course, it takes an injury to the NFL's version of an NBA superstar before they neuter defensive players even more.

I'm left wondering what rule changes would've been made if it had been Damon Huard or Brodie Croyle suffering that injury instead of Brady?