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Decision on fullback Naufahu Tahi will be eleventh hour (11:59:59) decision

Vikings head coach Brad Childress, when asked about restricted free agent full back Naufahu Tahi, was quoted as saying:

"In these economic times rather than take on a burden for an extra week of principle and interest, there's really no merit in jumping out of the box until 11:59:59 if that in fact is what you're going to do," Childress said.

As Friday's deadline closes, one of two mind-sets exist. One, the Vikings just aren't sure about Tahi, will let him go to Cincinnati thinking that the NFL draft will help, both in reduced costs and maybe increased talent at the position. Alternatively, the Vikings are uncertain of the fullbacks in the draft, compared to what they know of Tahi, and match the offer.

Last year, the Bengals signed Ben Utecht to an offer sheet on March 14, 2008. The Colts simply let the deadline pass. Eleventh hour decisions are rather common for restricted free agents who sign an offer sheet with another team.

We'll learn relatively soon what Tahi's 2009 team will be.