Andre Smith a Bengal?

Things I'm told
An NFL source, traveling to Pro Days this week, tells me they heard a key member of the
Bengals brass indicate the team has Alabama's OT Andre Smith high on the
draft board. At least one member of the Bengals decision-making staff wants to
take Smith, according the the discussion. In the same conversation, the
Bengals official said he liked the way the draft board will fall and sensed
running back will be the value position when the team's on the clock in
the second round. UConn's Donald Brown was mentioned by name.

per Lance McCallister

I have a couple of problems with this.

Don't mention names Lance. If we are interested in drafting Donald Brown in round 2, don't let that be known. A lot of people think we are going to go center, now Cleveland might take a RB at 5 to stop us from getting one at 6 in the second round. This could also allow teams to move up to take a runningback similiar to 2007 when we made it known we want a LB, and 2 teams moved up and 4 teams infront of us took LB.

Second. Lance McCallister also said that "I'm hearing from somebody that... Patrick Ramsey will be our back-up QB." Too bad we did not even bring him in for a scheduled visit eh lance.

Listen, all of these beat writers and talk show hosts, you want to see the Bengals succeed so you say, so why are you giving out personal information about our draft board, knowing other teams can read and see this as well.

I understand we should take this with a grain of salt... but what do you think about the possibility of Andre Smith and a RB in round 2?

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