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UPDATE: Catching Up With Dhani Jones

When we last left you, Dhani Jones was going to Sweden to take part in some  Schwingen, and it looks like everything went rather well.  Although, I take issue with Jones getting slammed in his first match.  Don't you go hurting the Bengals players, Travel Channel.  The next stop on Dhani's tour is one of my old haunts, Merry Ole England, where Jones will be trying his hand at rugby, among other things.

Like any good modern promotion should, the Travel Channel is taking full advantage of the web and its tools to help get word out about Dhani's show.  His YouTube page currently has over 1000 subscribers and over 64000 channel views, making the Jones/Travel Channel collaboration one of the only positive YouTube destinations for Bengal fans.

Next up, video from Switzerland and England.

Unfortunately, the England video is more of a commercial than a recap -- I'm guessing those come after the show has aired. How very novel. Anyway, here's what you can expect:

Have I mentioned how positive something like this is for the Bengals franchise after year upon year of bad offseason news? If not, allow this piece to do it for me.

[EDITOR's NOTE: By Editor, I mean me, Josh Kirkendall] Here's additional preview information for next week's show we got in the mail this week.

This week NFL linebacker Dhani Jones travels across the pond to London, England with the goal of becoming a true English gentleman via the sport and culture of Rugby. Dhani joins England's oldest rugby club and endures merciless practices prepping him for his rugby debut. From fox hunts to finding the perfect suit, Dhani finds himself immersed in an amusing and traditional English adventure.

Marvin can't be happy.