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Deadline on Tahi today; feature on Eric Wood

+ At some point today, the Vikings will have to make a choice as to whether Naufahu Tahi stays, or goes. If he stays, they match the Bengals $1.4 million offer for one season. If he goes, they don't do a thing -- maybe call you, say you've done everything we've asked of you, but interest and principle were too burdensome while easily signing Cedric Griffin to a five-year deal worth $28.5 million. Okey-dokey. Either way, like Childress, Walker says, "The Vikings likely have their mind made up either way. But there is no reason to rush when a team can take the full week to exhaust every avenue without penalty." Granted, I understand this point of view. But really. What avenues are there? Pay $1.4 million. Don't pay $1.4 million. Penalties? You have Tahi. You don't have Tahi.

+ This is the time of year that Carlos Holmes shines. His incoming rookie prospect pieces are written with a Bengals centralization point of view -- in other words, he's just not rambling about any draft prospect coming into the NFL. They have to apply, or fit, into some need by the Cincinnati Bengals. Anyway, Holmes talks center today, with heavy handed favoritism with local product Eric Wood.

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