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When knowing that Chad Johnson wants to be traded; not needing offeseason programs

[Note: whether or not it's legally his name, we're still not willing to call Chad Johnson, Chad Ocho Cinco]

There has been considerable amount of talk about whether or not Chad Johnson will show up for this week's offseason condition program; which kicks off Monday at Paul Brown stadium. Johnson has been Hollow Man for the past few months, causing people to speculate that he's forming another mini-protest after learning that over-whelming the media with disgruntled interviews leading to a self-imposed embarrassment that didn't quit work last season.

The irony in all this is that when he's not talking, people think he's "disgruntled". However, when he's talking, people know that he's "disgruntled". Fellas, he's disgruntled. Newsflash. You're blown away, aren't you? Nope. It's been a sad truth over the course of the calendar year that he's set up a situation by making his demands known. Now, no matter what he does, every little action of his will be construed as being ulterior -- thus he hides away like the prey hides from the predator.

The Bengals do not know if the former Pro Bowl receiver will show up next week. His participation, or lack thereof, could be an indicator of whether he still wants to be traded or will get with the program this year in Cincinnati. Last year, Ocho Cinco caused a huge media circus by publicly expressing his desire to be traded while not showing up to Bengals camp until it was mandatory.

Another irony is that all that's happened in the past 15 months, it's literally crushed his trade value and the demand that other teams may have for him.

No matter what Johnson does, people will speculate that he wants to be traded and will do whatever he can to make that happen. We get it. Johnson wants to be traded. Great. Making note of every little nuance of Johnson's actions, words, inactions, or golden teeth, reminding us that Johnson wants to be traded, becomes a terrible waste of our time -- the irony of me talking about it right now, not included, of course. Conjecture and speculation, with a weighted history behind the argument, is great. People use that when forecasting the weather, mock drafts, revised economic policies and Manbearpig.

Hopefully, if Johnson doesn't show up for offseason programs, there won't be just as many articles about his lack of participation/presence from the national media, as there will be all the combined press regarding the other players. Maybe we just don't care. After all, they're just running, lifting and such, right? Is there a need here? Sure there is. All of you will come here to check out who has the healthiest hamstrings, hoping for an update for Carson Palmer -- the God of Golden Arms. But declaring Johnson's absence as a means for being disgruntled? We need the offseason program to forecast that? Whether he comes to camp or not, he's disgruntled. It's as easy as that.